We are a family-run business, super passionate about delivering the best. Specialising in unique premium quality garden, pond and home products, we believe you deserve the ultimate performance to suit your needs. That’s why we invest time and attention into adding powerful, naturally derived active ingredients that make for stronger, more effective solutions and happy customers.

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Best Sellers

  • front view of Envii Neuturine our dog urine grass repair treatment

    Envii Neuturine

    Eliminates urine odours and lawn burn patches on grass from dog urine
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  • front view of Envii Astro Fresh bottle with hose end trigger for our artificial grass cleaner

    Envii Astro Fresh

    Eliminates odours from artificial grass caused by dog urine.
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  • Algae Klear Xtra pond algae treatment

    Envii Algae Klear Xtra

    Kills submerged algae and blanket weed.
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Customer reviews

Envii Trusted ShopsTrusted Shops
Did as it said on the packet removed blanket wee from the sides of my pond within 48 hours. Another 100% effective service from Envii.
Rob Waddington Trusted Shops
Seems to be working already on my blanket weed.
Olly Peabody Trusted Shops
Seems to do the trick - needed a couple of treatments, but I do have quite a large pond.
Will Hives Trusted Shops
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Ben Harvey Trusted Shops

Our Story…

Andy started Envii back in 2008 with a mission to make top quality products that work!

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Envii Story
Envii Story

We use sustainable packaging!

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